Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Northshore pelvic floor centre physiotherapy

North Shore Pelvic Floor Center, located within Neutral Bay Physiotherapy, offers treatment for a wide range of Women’s Health Conditions.  Our team shares a genuine passion for helping women achieve optimum physical function. We believe that timely intervention is significant in preventing and improving not only symptoms, but also quality of life.

          Common conditions which we assess and treat include:

   -     Incontinence (leaking from the bladder or bowel)

      -     Urinary or faecal urgency

      -     Pelvic organ prolapse (symptoms often described as vaginal fullness, heaviness or buldge)

   -     Pelvic floor muscle weakness

      -     Overactive pelvic floor and vaginismus

      -   Genital or pelvic pain including vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia (sometimes described as shooting, burning or aching pain)

-       Painful intercourse

-       Defecation disorders and anorectal pain disorders

-       Sexual dysfunction

-       Prenatal assessment of pelvic floor and birthing preparation

-       Post natal assessment of pelvic floor function including return to exercise assessment and clearance.

-       Pre and post natal musculoskeletal conditions

-       Pre and post gynaecological surgery

         Our pelvic therapists offer a wide variety of treatment options specifically tailored to                your concerns. All of our pelvic floor therapists are trained for pessary fittings.

        Assessment of the conditions related to pelvic floor, bladder and bowel may require an             internal examination to facilitate an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. This would be         discussed during your appointment with your Women’s Health Practitioner should it be             required.

        It is okay to be menstruating when having your internal assessment. We do not do an               internal examination during the first trimester of pregnancy.

        No GP or specialist referral is required, however if you do have a referral, please bring this         with you to your appointment. 


Take action an learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for life….