Clinical Exercise Sessions

Clinical Exercise Sessions are a growing specialty and the ideal way to prevent and manage injuries especially lower back pain. This method emphasizes abdominal strength and core stability while balancing the rest of the body. These exercises aim to condition the body as a unified structure, not simply as isolated muscles.

Clinical Exercise Sessions focus on developing individual programmes of classes and Physiotherapy exercises that aim to treat an injury, tone and stretch your body, correct poor posture, alignment and movement patterns. This will reduce the risk of injury and re-injury in the future. Current research shows that Clinical core stability exercises when performed correctly and under physiotherapy supervision will reduce low back pain.

Clinical Exercise Sessions at Neutral Bay Physiotherapy has a focus of improving health and fitness while preventing injuries. Clinical classes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities- it is an excellent treatment choice for people with chronic neck and back pain, and for patients with overall deconditioning.

An Initial assessment with a Neutral Bay Physiotherapist is required before joining a class. This allows us to determine which exercises are most appropriate to prescribe for your individual needs.

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