Pregnancy & Postpartum



North Shore Pelvic Floor Centre and Neutral Bay Physiotherapy offer a wide range of treatments for pre-natal (pregnancy) and post natal (post partum) conditions.

Pregnancy and early post partum can be an extremely challenging periods physically due to the changes that the body undergoes.  During pregnancy seeing a Women’s Health Physiotherapist prior to delivery can help with the preservation of the pelvic floor in identifying any existing risk factors or problems.  It also facilitates prehabilitation (learning to activate and relax the pelvic floor which will make rehabilitation following delivery easier) and education for the early post partum days (what you can do for the health of your pelvic floor or abdominals) prior to your 6wk check up. 

Also during pregnancy it is common for Women to suffer from various aches and pains.  Many women believe that they have to put up with this until the end of the pregnancy but often these symptoms are improved or can resolve with physiotherapy.  Importantly, often early intervention may limit the severity and length of the symptoms.

Some common pregnancy related conditions we treat include:

·         Pelvic dysfunction/ pelvic pain/ pubic symphysitis/ SIJ (sacro-iliaic joint)   dysfunction and perineal pain

·         Wrist and thumb pain including De Quervain’s syndrome and carpal tunnel

·         Neck and shoulder pain

·         Thoracic or rib cage pain

·         Low back pain (including sciatica) and hip pain

·         Incontinence

·         Pre natal pelvic floor checks (Nb this is NOT performed in the first trimester of pregnancy)

Studies have shown multiple benefits of exercise during pregnancy both to the mother and delivery process, however many women are often nervous about what exercise is appropriate.  To help accommodate this we have pregnancy specific class and small group Clinical Exercise Sessions are available for expectant mums.


Following birth whether it has been via Caesarian or Natural Vaginal Delivery it takes time and muscular retraining to regain enough strength to cope with the everyday stresses we place on the body.  Post natal pelvic floor and abdominal checks and retraining can be vital in assisting this, minimizing complications.  If there are also birth associated complications our therapists are also there to help.

Some of the post partum related conditions we treat include:


·         Post natal check ups (to be done after the 6wk check up)

·         Incontinence

·         Prolapse

·         Check up prior to return to exercise

·         Pain with sex

·         Abdominal separation/ rectus diastasis

·         Muscular aches and pain

·         Non infective mastitis/ blocked breast ducts


Returning to non impact exercise to strengthen the abdominals and global musculature, in a pelvic floor safe environment, can be extremely important to a mother’s health.  We provide Mums and Bubs classes to help get mums exercising safely in the early weeks post partum.  We start patients at 6wks post vaginal delivery or 8wks post caesarean.